Brian Flemming Shows The Real Effect Weight Loss Has On Your Body After Losing 400lbs

A man who lost a monumental 180kg in two years has revealed the shocking toll obesity took on his body - including leaving him with 20kg of excess skin.

Brian Flemming, of Michigan USA, weighed 45 stone the last time he was weighed before his substantial weight loss journey began. At the most life threatening point he was consuming up to 7,000 calories a day.

But Brian's life was turned around when he befriended terminally ill myotonic dystrophy sufferer Jackie Eastham online, and she urged him to change his lifestyle.

Going from eating fast food everyday and barely being able to reach his front door, Brian lost seven stone in three months by walking around his neighbourhood and dieting on 1,400 calories a day. He now runs everyday, has completed a half marathon and weighs just 16 stone.

But he still has a harrowing reminder of his past life - three stone of excess skin.

Despite embarking on an incredibly inspirational journey of weight loss and overcoming alcoholism, depression and suicidal tendencies, Brian is still forced to look at the sagging skin that once housed the extra 28 stone of fat and it gets in the way of his passion for running.

Having shown the world his drooping skin in an emotional video, Brian is now crowdfunding to raise the money he needs to have the skin surgically removed. His insurance won't cover the $22,000 price tag.

"I want to thank everyone who has helped from the bottom of my heart. It truly means the world to me. I'm tired of being ashamed and I hope one day to get over this last hurdle.

"Ultimately, if I can't get it done, I'm just glad to be healthy and would never trade that for anything."

"When I have all my clothes on, it seems like I really fit in. Going to the gym and going to pool and going for a swim, that's a different thing."

Brian also has a protruding sternum, a remnant of the time his ribcage expanded to heave his excessive weight away from his vital organs.

He now runs a support group for the obese on Facebook and is considering becoming a qualified trainer or therapist.

"This has been the best year of my life," he says.

"For once, things are looking up. I used to tell Jackie about how all of this feels like a dream and that it never actually happened.

"She just says that this is me living my life now and that I need to get used to it!"

You can donate to Brian's surgery fund here.

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