Reddit Button Brings Sweet Torment To Thousands In April Fool's Prank That Could Go On For Months

It's The Button which you shouldn't press — an inspired April Fool's joke from Reddit that is excruciating its users.

The Button features a timer counting down from 60 seconds, which resets and starts again every time someone presses the button. As so many users can't resist, it is constantly resetting at 58 or 59 seconds, never letting button-watchers find out what will happen when it reaches zero.

This frustration has led to obsessive analysis of how low the number of seconds has dropped, and pleas from some users saying: "DON'T TOUCH THE BUTTON".

The good thing is that, eventually, the timer will get down to zero. The game is restricted to those who signed up to Reddit before 1st April this year, and each user can only press the button once.

Reddit's instructions for The Button state:

How to press the button

You can only press the button once

Only accounts created before 2015-04-01 can press the button

We can’t tell you what to do from here on out. The choice is yours.

So, when everyone has pressed it, or everyone gets bored and stops pressing it, we'll find out what happens when we get to zero. As Reddit has over 174 million unique users a month, this may not be for quite a while.

Clicking the button is so enjoyable that Reddit users have even started offering to sell their "unclicked" accounts so that people who have already used up their click can indulge in button-pressing once again.

Others have started discussions like 'Official button push regret thread' and 'Damn it people, can we at least let it count down below 59?!?!?!'

Users have also started to rank each other based on how many seconds they were able to wait before pressing the button - with many pausing only a few seconds and earning the nickname '59'rs' or '60s', but others having far more patience and calling themselves the '45 master race'.

The Button is enthralling thousands and inspiring deep regret

The internet had long been fascinated by the lure of buttons. Games like The Red Button have been around for years and are strangely compelling.

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