This Laser Can Literally Heal Wounds

A scientist in Israel has developed a handheld laser which he believes could bring about the end of using stitches or glue to close up a patient at the end of an operation.

The small device would heat the incision, spot by spot, effectively creating a far stronger bond over conventional methods such as staples, glue or even stitches.

Head of the Applied Physics Department at Tel Aviv University, Abraham Katzir believes that his creation could finally mark the end of post-op scarring as well.

"If you are above 65 degrees than you cause scaring and therefore we found that you have to heat each spot on an incision to roughly 60 degrees centigrade and then you get good bonding without scaring. And we carried out experiments on a large number of tissues, on skin, on cornea,"

The device is still in the prototype stage so there's still some testing to be done. Katzir and his team are also waiting a year to see how the test bonds fair in real-world situations.