Man Watches Kids Walk Up To His Locked Car And Hack It Using 'Device'

Nick Bilton is a columnist for the New York Times, he writes about technology, the development of social media while also looking ahead at the future.

It was not without some degree of irony then that the technology writer witnessed a group of 'kids' walk up to his Toyota Prius, press a button and unlock it, all without ever touching the car.

Bilton tweeted his experience saying:

It turns out the kids weren't actually interested in stealing the car or indeed any of its contents, instead the incident appeared to be more of a trial run.

Bilton goes on to say on Twitter that he tried to chase down the kids for no other reason than to learn more about how they'd done it.

This isn't the first example of wireless car hacking. Only last year a security expert demonstrated how he could break into his own car using nothing but a laptop.