Snake Dies After Swallowing Cat In Queensland, Australia

An 11-foot snake has died due to complications from digesting an Australian man's cat.

Francis Bakvis, of Clifton Beach, Queensland, was shocked when searching for his missing feline to find a less than pleasant stench coming from his bushes.

His 16-year-old cat Tiger had been missing for two days, so Bakvis went into his garden to investigate and found a rather chunky-looking 3.5m scrub python lifeless among the shrubs.

When he attempted to move the deceased reptile, its body tore open and revealed his beloved cat.

"I pulled the dead snake on to the lawn, and a bit of its skin was already decomposing," Bakvis told Cairns Post. "I could see – there was my cat. It was pretty miserable to see him go that way.

"He was getting old and not 100% clear in his little brain sometimes. But he’d still be OK, never been sick or anything, and all of a sudden he’s no longer there.

"To find him in the stomach of a snake is not pretty."

Scrub pythons can grow up to eight metres long and have been known to eat kangaroos. Local snake wrangler Dr Jack Shield said they are also known to consume dogs and cats.

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