Google Knows You Hate YouTube Ads But Will Probably Charge You To Get Rid Of Them

Google To Ditch YouTube Adverts, For A Price

Nobody likes YouTube adverts, they interrupt the flow of the a playlist and they can potentially put you off even watching the video in the first place.

In fact we'd even go so far as to guess you've spent a lot of your time on YouTube hitting the 'Skip Ad' button. Well, the good news is that could soon be over.

Bloomberg reports that Google could launch a paid subscription service for YouTube as soon as this year. The premium service would eliminate all ads from videos and include the long-awaited offline playback feature - allowing users to download a YouTube video and watch it at their own convenience.

This would put YouTube into direct competition with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and the newly announced HBO Now service.

With 57.4 million subscribers, Bloomberg points out that consumers are increasingly willing to pay the premiums for an advert-free life.


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