13/04/2015 06:13 BST | Updated 13/04/2015 06:59 BST

What Issues Aren't Getting Heard In General Election 2015? Tells Us With #BeyondTheBallot

Beyond The Ballot is The Huffington Post UK's alternative take on the General Election, taking on the issues too awkward for Westminster. It focuses on the unanswered questions around internet freedom, mental health and housing. Election news, blogs, polls and predictions are combined with in-depth coverage of our three issues including roundtable debates, MP interviews and analysis.

beyond the ballot

In the run-up to the closest General Election in decades, we're taking an alternative look at three issues that don't often feature in campaign rhetoric but deserve to be addressed: internet freedom, mental health and housing.

In an election dominated by the key battlegrounds of the NHS, the economy and immigration, politicians aren't reaching people on other crucial issues.

Exclusive research from The Huffington Post UK has revealed that 84% of people can't name a single party's policy on digital rights, while 76% did not know of a policy on mental health, and 69% said the same on housing.

new era estate

Housing protesters took a stand against rising rents at the New Era estate in London

We'll be talking to politicians, experts and ordinary people affected by these issues, and trying to come up with solutions to the challenges - but we want you to get involved too.

That's why we're asking you to tweet using our hashtag #BeyondTheBallot, to tell us what subject you think isn't getting enough attention from Westminster, and why.

Perhaps it's something being ignored, or perhaps it's a topic that gets lip-service but no sincere commitment beyond political point-scoring.


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Tweet your ideas with #BeyondTheBallot and we'll include the best in pieces we publish over the next few weeks.