Chinese Company Unveils Le Superphone In US After Comparing Apple To Hitler

Chinese video giant LeTV landed itself in fairly hot water a couple of weeks ago when it compared Apple to Hitler in a poster that was meant to show Apple as being a tech 'tyrant'.

As you can imagine, the publicity stunt backfired spectacularly and LeTV CEO Jia Yueting was forced to explain himself.

Well it turns out that the ill-advised stunt was actually part of a product launch for the company's first smartphone: Le Superphone.

So what is Le Superphone? Well firstly it's a phone you're unlikely to see in the UK so even if you can look past their unfortunately marketing techniques you probably won't be able to buy the phone anyway.

That doesn't mean it's not impressive, Le Superphone is as flagship as the rest of them, even if it bares a striking resemblance to both the iPhone 6 and the new HTC One M9.

With a 5.5-inch display that appears to be almost bezel-less and a hidden fingerprint sensor, Le Superphone is clearly aimed at the high-end Chinese market in an attempt to fight back at both the new iPhone and HTC's fingerprint-enabled version of the M9 that's launching exclusively in China.

Last but not least it's one of the first phones to sport USB-C, the new next-generation charging/data port that made its debut on Apple's MacBook.

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