NASA's New MRV Moon Buggy Can Pull Some Amazing Tricks

This is NASA's new Modular Robotic Vehicle, or Moon Buggy 1 to you and us. It's an all-terrain electric buggy that NASA developed in conjunction with car manufacturers and has some rather neat tricks up its sleeve.

For starters there's the wheels. It has four, but four with a difference. They're completely independent of each other, making the MRV uber manoeuvrable and enormous fun to drive.

Each wheel has its own powerful motor while the driver can entirely customise the way the car performs.

Of course it wouldn't be a car of the future if it wasn't self-driving. The good news is that the MRV is self-driving, using an army of sensors to help it.

While this Star Trek inspired moon buggy may never leave the planet, the MRV is a testbed for future space vehicles with the hope being that NASA can collaborate even closer with the car industry on their next creation.