Ditch The Early Morning Fitness Session, Hit Snooze And Squeeze These 10-Minute Workouts Into Your Day

Five 10-Minute Workouts For Busy Days

You know when you have the best intentions to get up early and work out, but it just never happens?

Luckily for those who love their bed unconditionally, research has shown that just 10 minutes of exercise can work wonders for your body.

This is great, because it means that instead of getting up early to do a super-charged fitness session, you can squeeze 10 minutes of exercise into your day and have an extra half an hour in bed. Winner.

Melisse Gelula and Alexia Brue, the founders of Well and Good, say various studies found that the first 10 minutes of a workout are the most effective and can really boost your metabolism while also increasing your fitness and endurance levels and helping your blood pressure.

So what are the best ways to utilise 10 precious minutes?

1) Cardio Dance Class

Dance around your house/room like nobody's watching. Turn the music up and dance energetically for 10 minutes (roughly three to four songs).

2) Cardio Kitchen Workout

Putting your shopping away can be super boring. But what if you incorporate exercises into this?

After all, you're already squatting and lifting. So you may as well throw in a few star jumps for good measure.

3) Take The Stairs

Step away from the escalator and don't even think about calling the lift. Taking the stairs two-at-a-time can help you burn calories and keep fit.

4) Turn Your Pet Into A PT

When you take your dog for a walk, get off the phone and turn it into a workout. Throw the ball, chase after your dog, run together and just enjoy it!

5) Try Online Fitness Classes

There are plenty of quick 10-minute exercise classes available on YouTube. Simply choose one, put on your sports kit and off you go.