Ukip 2015 Manifesto: Here's 10 Priceless Policies From 2010 That Didn't Make The Cut

Spot the difference between the 2010 Ukip manifesto launch and the party in Purfleet today?

Back then, a fresh(ish)-faced Farage was promising "the edgiest campaign in British political history" with t-shirts emblazoned with cringeworthy double-entendres like "Withdrawal! Before it's too late".

Though Ukip might not be quite ready to disavow their old campaign poster, they're a bit more keen to give you other reasons to vote for them too.

Today, Nigel Farage set out "fully costed" plans for an early referendum on withdrawal from the EU, a radical reduction in immigration, increased spending on defence and an £18 billion tax giveaway.

After dismissing the Ukip manifesto for the 2010 election as "drivel", Farage said that the spending and saving commitments in this year's much slimmer document was independently verified by the Centre for Economics and Business Research thinktank.

So here's the 2010 plans that didn't make the cut...

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