Google Takes One Step Closer To Robot Army With New Patent

Google is either being incredibly sinister or it's just looking out for our best interests. Either way, the company has just secured another patent -- that if looked at in a certain way -- would almost certainly put them one step closer to being able to create their own robot army.

This latest patent would allow Google to create a connected group of robots over the cloud, giving out orders and assigning tasks dependent on the skills that each robot has.

I mean this could apply to a domestic situation where you're out shopping and you want your house to mow the lawn. You'd send the command and Google's server would tell the robotic lawn mower to cut the grass.

Or, you know. Robot army. Just because it could be used to help keep your grass at that perfect 5mm, doesn't mean it can't also be used for world domination.

Of course both these theories are wholly speculation.

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