Best Stylish Sportswear For Plus-Size Women

Stylish Sportswear For Plus-Size Women

Women everywhere are facing something of a crisis: we're avoiding exercise for fear of being judged. And it's got to stop.

As if this isn't bad enough, it seems that many high street retailers just aren't geared up for providing stylish and affordable fitness-wear. Particularly for plus-size women.

This, said Julie Creffield - founder of The Fat Girls' Guide to Running - is a major issue for the three quarters of women who want to keep fit, but are put off because they don't want to be judged.

"When I looked online for information, there was lots about weight loss and running but nothing about running just as an overweight person, the psychological aspects of that and how tough it is when you are constantly shouted at, laughed at and clothes in fitness stores don’t fit you," said Creffield.

"It feels like the whole sport is not geared up for you."

She added that much of the time, larger women aren't able to get hold of sports kits which fit them properly.

"No woman wants to dress in men’s clothing to go out for a run when there is already the risk of being laughed at," says Creffield.

And she has a valid point.

So, following on from last week's purse-friendly fitness outfits for under £50, this week we're focusing on stylish and affordable activewear for plus-size women to prove that you can look and feel good regardless of your shape and size.

H&M+ Sports Top, £14.99

Stylish Sportswear For Plus-Size Women

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