Best Apple Watch Apps Available At Launch

This Is What An Apple Watch App Can Do

The Apple Watch is out right now. That's right, if you've pre-ordered it then hold fast because the chances it's winging its way to you now.

What that also means is you're about to own a whole new ecosystem, which comes with over 3,000 apps and can do everything from letting you mix tracks, order cabs and pay for you Starbucks.

Starting at £299 and going up all the way to £8,000 for the gold Apple Watch Edition, you'll be able to try on the watches before you buy them by booking an appointment at any Apple store.

You'll be able to customise how your Apple Watch works through the dedicated app that has now appeared as part of iOS 8.3. You'll also be able to customise it directly within the watch using the Digital Crown to switch between watch faces and change them to suit your tastes.

Apple Watch apps are intrinsically linked to the iPhone app so the likelihood is that you'll have seen an Apple Watch update appear on your iPhone. As soon as a company builds a dedicated Apple Watch app it'll appear on the home screen on the Watch. Already confirmed are Instagram, Barclays, Yelp, BMW, Twitter, Uber, American Airlines, W Hotels and more.

Here are just some of the dedicated Apple Watch Apps that will either come with the Watch or can be downloaded:


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