Apple Watch Available Now With Starting Price At £299

The Apple Watch Is Available Now To Order Online

Apple has finally shown its wrist -- the Apple Watch is available to buy now.

At its 'Spring Forward' event held on March 9 2015, Apple revealed the company's first ever smart watch with Tim Cook heralding it as 'the most advanced timepiece ever created'.

Apple Watch reviews have been positive, with many praising the Apple Watch's high specs, Retina Display and intuitive interface.

The customer reaction however has been staggering. Becoming available to pre-order on 10 April, the Apple Watch's delivery times quickly rocketed into Summer.

This led to Apple making the unprecedented decision to remove the 24 April release date from the site and instead now only offer the Apple Watch as an online purchase until stock levels could be brought back to manageable levels.

How Much Will The Apple Watch Cost?

Apple Watch Sport:

38mm: £299

42mm: £339

Apple Watch:

38mm: £479

42mm: £519

Apple Watch Edition:

Both sizes: £8,000

How Will I Use The Apple Watch?

While Apple Watch is a touchscreen-based gadget, using it it isn't as simple as navigating a straightforward multi-touch interface. Instead the small 'Crown' or dial on the side of the phone is crucial to the way it works. This helps drive an entirely new UI style, which combines touch and pressure to make a wrist-mounted computer easier to use.

You can download Apple Watch apps via a specifically designed Apple Watch Store app through iOS 8.2 which is available to download now.

How Powerful Is The Apple Watch?

Apple's smartwatch is running a new-look operating system that 9to5Mac believes is actually a cut down version of the same iOS software you'll find on the iPhone.

To help power both the high-resolution Retina Display and the software Apple's custom-built S1 processor is actually a derivative of the same A5 chip you'll find in the current iPod Touch making the Apple Watch seriously powerful for something so small.

What's The Battery Life Like?

Apple says you'll get an all-day battery life and around 18 hours of normal everyday use. You'll also be able to get around three days in standby. It'll charge using Apple's new MagSafe wireless charging connector for Apple Watch.

What Will It Look Like?

The watch comes in a range of designs (six strap styles, each in multiple colours) and with several specially designed faces. It requires an iPhone to work, but it isn't just the 6 and 6 Plus -- your iPhone 5 will work too. Apple is yet to announce how ordering the watches will work, but has designed a new system for swapping out the straps, involving magnets.

The Watch comes in two sizes (38mm, 42mm), each with matching straps. Apple has arranged the Watches in a series of collection - Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition made of 18-carat gold.

What are the most interesting features?

  • Apple Watch is fully customisable. You can adjust everything from the type and style of the watch face, to the materials used to make the watch and the strap.
  • The Watch allows use of full apps - though the details of exactly what's possible and which apps will be available are yet to be revealed.
  • Music can be stored on the Apple Watch itself, making it possible to take the device running while listening via Bluetooth headphones.
  • The Watch has something called 'Taptic' feedback, which physically taps you on the wrist to inform you of different things - say to turn left or right in maps.
  • There are some cool new forms of messaging specially built for the Apple Watch - including a style of Emoji which lets users modify animated icons and faces and send them to other users, and a freestyle 'sketch' based app, allowing you to send small or abstract messages easily.
  • Apple Watch has a huge focus on fitness and health. Tim Cook said that the Watch will appeal to anyone getting exercise - whether that's walking to work or being a serious athlete. The Watch is loaded with sensors and a heart rate monitor, and constantly monitors and motivates you to be more healthy.
  • You can use it as a viewfinder for your iPhone, a remote for the Apple TV and much more.
  • All the Watches are waterproof.

When is it out in the UK?

Apple Watch has a UK release date of 24 April 2015, and starts at £299 going all the way up to £8,000 for the Apple Watch Edition.

Where can I get more information?

We have a write-up on the coolest details and features of the Watch here. Full information can be had at Apple's website.


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