#Milifandom Founder, Abby, Speaks About Ed Miliband's Young Fan Club

If you haven't heard already, Ed Miliband has an official fandom, full of teenage girls, and it's taking over Twitter.

The #milifandom was started by college student Abby, and so far it's attracted a score of teenage girls who feel just as enamored with with the Labour leader as she does. So far, Abby's Twitter account has attracted more than 12,000 followers to the #milifandom cause.

But what even is a fandom? It's when a group of teens fall so desperately in love with a celebrity or personality (think One Direction or Tom Hiddleston), that they start doing things like this:

And saying things like this:

Explaining why she started the the fandom, Abby told HuffPost UK: "After seeing Ed on the TV debates I noticed how passionate and devoted he was. And I thought "this can't be the same guy the media says he is" and I noticed that he is often very distorted in the media - and it makes me angry."

She also quipped: "People should make their choice based on policies not sandwiches."

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Abby said she hopes the milifandom will lift Ed's spirits: “We just want to change opinions so people don’t just see the media’s usual distorted portrayal of him - and actually see him for who he is. Ed is just a great guy and how many other politicians have a fandom? We’re just waiting for him to acknowledge it bc it’s kinda sad when he only ever sees people write mean things about him.”

At only 17, Abby isn't old enough to vote, which she said frustrates her: “I can’t have a say in what happens in my own country! And labour is why I love Ed, I’m a party member and I think they truly are the way forward. If it was up to them, I would allowed a voice.”

Since the milifandom's inception last week, the hashtag has gone international, with some even combining multiple fandoms for their love of Ed:

So what does the man himself think about all this? In a series of tweets to Abby, the Labour leader expressed his happiness that young people were taking the chance to speak up in this election:

Abby has refused to let fame get to her head, and is now turning down any more interview requests, as she wants to concentrate on her schoolwork.

I'm not doing any interviews. I have as levels. Sorry.

— abby (@twcuddleston) April 22, 2015

Meanwhile, David Cameron's own fandom, the #camorenettes, has risen in response to all the recent Miliband love. At only 15 followers however, it might not take off any time soon.

Sorry David.

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