10 Years Of YouTube Has Led To Some Of The Most Creative Viral Adverts Ever Made

YouTube has been making us smile, laugh, cry and dance for 10 years, which when you think about it is really rather impressive.

The first ever YouTube video was entitled 'Me at the zoo' and featured YouTube's co-founder Jawed Karim giving us some riveting facts about elephants.

Since then the service has come a long way, it's now the key visual medium for music, brands, gaming and has helped spawn the vlog or video blog.

One area that YouTube has entirely revolutionised is the world of adverts. Since the company introduced skippable ads, brands have had to think outside of the box to create some of the most eye-catching, funniest and memorable adverts we've ever seen. They didn't disappoint.

Here are the best viral YouTube adverts as chosen by Google.

Most Creative Ads On YouTube Ever

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