23/04/2015 11:40 BST | Updated 23/04/2015 11:59 BST

Kellie Maloney To Return As A Boxing Promoter After Two-Year Hiatus And Gender Reassignment

Kellie Maloney has announced her return to the boxing world, by unveiling two new fighters at a London press conference.

Kellie, who was then known as Frank Maloney, retired from the sport in 2013, after 30 years of working as a promoter with fighters including Lennox Lewis.

Kellie Maloney introduces Cornish and Jones

As she introduced boxers Gary Cornish and Tony Jones, to the press, Kellie openly admitted that her comeback won’t be a case of picking up where she left off.

According to the Guardian, she said: “If I put it in football terms, I’ve been the manager of Manchester United and now I’m going to start managing Nuneaton Borough because I’ve got to start at the bottom again and there’s no getting away from that.

“The opportunity and personal challenge for me is very big.”

In March, Kellie shared news of her successful gender reassignment surgery.

Speaking ahead of the procedure, Kellie stated: “As soon as I can get out of that bed, I’m going to look in a full-length mirror at myself and for the first time ever, I will see the person I should have been all of my life staring back at me.”

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