American Survivalists Meet At PrepperCon To View Underground Bunkers For The Apocalypse

Survivalism in America is a big deal. The ideology has drawn in thousands of citizens, known as "preppers", who gleefully await a coming apocalypse, whether that’s Biblical plague, ISIS invading from Mexico, a zombie doomsday or the imposition of a tyrannical government that might just want to install a few gun safety laws.

Many within the survivalist movement met in Salt Lake City over the weekend at the wonderfully-named PrepperCon, a gathering that featured demonstrations of underground bunkers, food storage, armored vehicles and, of course, military-grade firearms.

Scott Stallings, one of the show's founders, told AP the Friday and Saturday event was inspired by the success of ComicCon and is amping up the entertainment with the hope of attracting younger people who may not be enthusiasts of food storage and other survivalist strategies. Stallings, who lives nearby, said Utah makes sense for the first expo because of the Mormon culture's emphasis food storage and emphasis on self-reliance.

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