Saturn's Moon Looks An Awful Lot Like The Death Star

Star Wars Day might be over but that hasn't stopped us taking note that even our own Solar System has hidden connotations with the film phenomenon.

Mimas for example, is definitely a moon, despite its appearance suggesting quite the contrary. Sporting a giant crater 80-miles wide, Saturn's moon bares a striking resemblance to a certain giant space station which brings death to stars.

This stunning image was actually taken 10 years ago by the Cassini spacecraft and shows a visible light image from an astonishing distance of over 2 million kilometres.

To give you some context of just how impressive this image is, that distance works out at around 8 miles per pixel using Cassini's camera.

Despite this both planet and moon look remarkably sharp. Since the picture, astronomers have learnt a lot about the tiny moon including discovering more about its icy midriff.

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