Spoken Word Poet Gary Turk Nails Exactly Why We All Have To Vote In The Election

Spoken word poet Gary Turk has nailed exactly why everyone has to vote in the general election on Thursday.

Turk, the creator of 'Look Up’, which received more than 49m views, said his recent creation 'It's Your Future' was "about getting involved and playing an active part in democracy".

Speaking to HuffPost UK, the 28-year-old from Brighton said: "I wanted to reach out to young people who maybe feel that politics is boring or something that doesn't really affect them.

"I used to feel that way too, and when I was 18 I didn't even vote. I believed it was for more 'grown up' or 'boring' people.

"But now, 10 years later, I am annoyed at myself for being so ignorant and for not realising that at the age of 18 you are just as affected by the decisions made in westminster as anyone else."

He said he wanted young people to know feeling disengaged with politics wasn't "wrong", but by not voting, they lose control over their futures.

"I am hoping that it will inspire people to respect their right to vote, and realise how important it is that they use it," Turk continued. "I hope that people will realise the only way they can justifiably complain about the way the country is run, is by playing an active part to begin with."

As for the power of YouTube and other online platforms, Turk says he firmly believes the internet can be used for good.

"The way it is being used during the election is evidence of this. It allows us the opportunity to hear other people's opinions and to be able to share their own views.

"Social media is proving to be an important way of informing those who would otherwise remain uninformed. The problem with most conventional media coverage is that they often have an agenda. YouTube is a place where people can choose what they want to hear, and where they can find out what they want to know."

"If every 18-24 year old votes, they have the ability to swing the election."

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