General Election 2015 Voters Who Forgot To Cast Their Ballot

If you're angry at the way the General Election is turning out then you might be looking for someone to blame.

How about all the people who forgot to vote?

Like this guy.

Your Mum may have a lot to answer for.

Sure, blame it on the system.

What a weird day.

Weird choice of emoticon.

We'll all blame you.



Oh come on.


Fell at the first hurdle.

This guy didn't even get the right day.

Yes, yes you are.

Oh the irony.

Don't try and pass the buck.

Some weird logic here.

And then there was this gem.

Shame on you all.

And if that didn't shame you enough, here's what Jeremy Paxman reckons.

(Disclaimer: It's unlikely any of these people could actually have changed the result.)