Conservative MP Stewart Jackson Booed During Victory Speech In Peterborough After General Election 2015

Tory MP Shows How NOT To Do A Victory Speech

Most newly-elected MPs make speeches following the announcement of the votes in which they thank their supporters, commend their campaign team and often pay tribute to their opponents.

But Stewart Jackson, now Conservative MP for Peterborough, had nothing good to say about his Labour rivals in his victory speech after Thursday's General Election.

He described them as "intellectually barren" and "useless, backward-looking losers”, as well accusing them of trying to buy the seat with union money.

Jackson also said: "I have fought a positive campaign and what is sad about the Labour Party is their negative, churlish, and mean-spirited campaign in this city.

“I’ll tell you what they are - they are three-time losers.”

He added: "Learn some humility. You've had a kicking tonight. There's plenty more to come."

His comments were greeted by loud booing and shouts of “rubbish”.

According to the BBC, the constituency’s Labour candidate Lisa Forbes later said: "There are a lot of people out there who don't think Stewart is representing them.

"I've met them. I've met people that are living by candle light, people that are using food banks in this city, people that are on zero-hour contracts. And there's a real fear as well we can lose our NHS.

"When he thinks about the amount of votes he got and the amount of people that voted against him, that should make him go away and think and be a bit more humble actually."

Reactions to the speech were particularly negative on Twitter.

Charlotte Corder tweeted: “Excerpt of Stewart Jackson's speech on @BBCNews...Aggressive, angry and embarrassing. An awful representation of the people of Peterborough.”

Paul Mahoney said: “Dear Conservative MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson @SJackson_MP. Just saw your victory speech on TV. Worst I've ever heard. Be ashamed.”

User @hanmasters_ posted: “Just seen what Stewart Jackson said on being elected Peterborough's MP, what a disgrace.”

Tom Newey added: “Well that's one way to win gracefully…”


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