Mental Health Awareness Week: Half Of Employees Have Never Been Asked About Stress, Anxiety Or Depression By A Manager

You may readily discuss your bad back with your boss, but when was the last time you discussed your mental health?

Half of all employees have never been asked about stress,depression or anxiety in a 1-2-1 with their manager, a study has found.

This is despite more than three quarters (76%) of business leaders believing they actively encourage managers to address and support employees’ mental health.

The research, released by Bupa to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, also revealed while four in five (80%) business leaders claim they have effective measures in place to help tackle mental health issues within their organisation, less than a third of employees (32%) with a mental health condition agree.

“There is a clear disconnect between what leaders believe they are doing about mental health in the workplace versus how employees feel," Patrick Watt, corporate director at Bupa said.

“Businesses need to take action. Managers need to be trained to spot the signs and know how to support employees to get the right help.

"Employers should also take steps to help prevent mental health problems from occurring by creating an open culture and putting practices in place that support good mental wellbeing.”

The study also revealed that almost two thirds (60%) of employees with a mental health condition admit they are not happy in their current role because of the way they have been treated in the workplace.

What's more, 70% of employees who have suffered with a mental health issue don’t believe there is an "open culture" in their organisation.

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, male celebrities including Stephen Fry, Clarke Carlisle and Professor Green have spoken out about their experiences of mental health in order to tackle the taboo of discussing such issues publicly, especially for men.

Let's hope their campaign, as well as the latest research from Bupa, sparks much needed change in the workplace.

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