Meet Merlin The Cat: He's Broken The World Record With His 67.8 Decibel Purr


A cat, who purrs louder than a dishwasher, has broken the world record with his epic roar.

Merlin the cat's purring measures 67.8 decibels at its loudest, according to the the Guinness World Records team.

To put that into perspective, his owner said that he's almost as loud as a shower or a dishwasher.

Merlin's owner, Tracy Westwood, from Torquay, said that when her pet is purring "really loud" she has to repeat herself.

"When you're watching films you have to turn the telly up or put him out of the room, if he's eating he'll purr loudly," she said.

"I can hear him when I'm drying my hair."

She added: "If he's cleaning he gets louder and sometimes if the telephone rings I do get people asking me 'what's that noise in the background?' I tell them it's the cat but I don't know if they believe me."

Merlin, who will make an appearance on Channel 5's Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud, was picked up by Westwood from a rescue centre when he was just a kitten.

A spokesman from Guinness World Records said: "It was amazing to see just how loud his purr was in person and, despite a couple of readings of Merlin's purr just under the current record, a bowl of tuna cat food proved to make all the difference and secure the record."

Shh... No more words.

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