Josie Cunningham Charged With ‘Disclosing Private Sexual Photographs' One Day After Arrest

Josie Charged After Allegedly Tweeting Explicit Snap

Josie Cunningham has been charged after allegedly posting explicit photos of her ex on Twitter, West Yorkshire Police have confirmed.

The controversial 24-year-old was arrested on Wednesday morning, and she was later spotted leaving a Leeds Police Station.

Josie Cunningham

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson has confirmed the turn of events to Mirror Online, telling the paper that Josie has been charged with “disclosing private sexual photographs or films with intent to cause distress under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015."

Prior to the charge, a friend of Josie’s told the website: “Josie has been helping police with their enquiries over the past couple of weeks.

"She is an open and honest girl, she has nothing to hide."

Josie first appeared on our radar when she featured in a tabloid newspaper, after having a £5k boob job on the NHS.

Since then, she’s done everything in her power to stay in the limelight, and often used Twitter to make controversial statements, however on Wednesday evening, her account disappeared.

Josie is now due to appear at Leeds Magistrates Court on 12 June.

Josie Cunningham

Josie Cunningham


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