Car-Sized 'UFO' Spotted Over Canadian Naval Base Could Be A Secret Drone

UFO Or Drone?

A married couple from Canada were left feeling utterly confused after they spotted two strange 'UFO's or aircraft outside their flat.

Managing to capture both of the aircraft on video, Brian Cooper and his wife both believe that what they saw were either secret military drones or UFOs.

Consumer drones are relatively easy to spot, being small in size and with a limited altitude. Mr and Mrs Cooper aren't convinced however.

Mr Cooper observed to news organisation CTV that he believed the vehicle was around the 'size of a Volkswagen' and featured a number of 'spinning lights'.

They believe the drones were either of military of alien origin. Now it's important to note that UFO doesn't immediately mean alien spacecraft.

The fact is it simply means an object that no one can classify and with military organisations being notoriously tight-lipped about many of the UFO sightings around the world it wouldn't totally out of this world (sorry) to suggest that they're probably drones of some kind.

That said Canada's own former defence minister openly announced just a few months ago that there was a global UFO conspiracy by governments to hide the truth.

Speaking to a packed crowd on the "Disclosure Canada Tour", the former minister made the revelatory statement that UFOs were not only real, but that governments were knowingly covering up their existence.

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