So Taking A Gap Year Is Apparently A Good Thing, And Means You'll Have Lower Stress Level

Taking a gap year between school and university is good for you - and even lowers stress levels, according to new research.

The study revealed going travelling doesn't weaken students' chances of success, although those who went straight to further education are more committed to their goals and resilient in their studies.

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The research was conducted by the Academy of Finland, as part of its The Future of Learning, Knowledge and Skills programme.

Professor Katariina Salmela-Aro, who helped lead the study, said: "For young people the transition from upper secondary school to further studies is a demanding phase in life, and many adolescents are tired at the end of school.

"For many, a gap year offers an opportunity to take a break and think about future choices while developing a positive view of the future."

She concluded: "In light of our research findings a gap year between secondary education and further studies is not harmful - especially if the young person only takes one year off.

"When these adolescents are compared with those who continue their studies directly after upper secondary school those who take a gap year quickly catch up with the others in terms of study motivation and the effort they put into their studies."