young mental health

Whether I realised it or not I spent most of my childhood thinking about why my dad did what he did, not really understanding how mental illness or severe depression can take such a grip on someone
Young people need stable homes, safe streets, regular incomes, opportunities for travel and study, affordable transport, and a real stake in the future
School's out for summer, exams are over for most, and everything is pretty chilled out - except for some
We must be more ambitious - hundreds of thousands of children will see no improvement in services for years
Tinkering around the edges will not tackle the issues young people face
One in ten pupils who are transgender have received death threats. Can you imagine how that can impact on a young life? More frequent is marginalizing through social exclusion, cyberbullying, verbal and physical abuse.
This is a story about the feelings I had while reading Dodie's Secret for the Mad. But it's also about how blogging, and writing about your mental health can help you process.
As co-chair of the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness, alongside Rachel Reeves MP, we're looking at what action local and national Government can take to combat loneliness. But the fact is that there's something we can all do to tackle this problem...
During the first six months of this year, I was depressed and it felt like the world was crashing in on me. My friend had passed away at the prime of their life, one of my relatives was undergoing tests to see if they had cancer, both of my cats had died and I had significant academic pressure as I was in the last year of university as well as growing uncertainty about the future. This period of my life was a complete blur and it still is.
new activists At the age of 15, after years of telling the teachers and being isolated as the problem, I became publicly vocal about my experiences. I posted a bulletin on MySpace, which was the main social network at the time, to talk about my experiences. Overnight, I was inundated with other people from across the world who were either going through the same or had been through it. Today, we are now one of the largest anti-bullying charities in the world. We work globally to help thousands of young people to overcome bullying each month.