Nuimo Is The Universal Remote Control For Your Entire Life

This Incredible Gadget Is The Remote Control For Everything You Own

When the 'Internet of Things' finally becomes something we can define, this little guy is going to be most powerful gadget in your house.

Nuimo is a remote control, except that's just not doing it justice. It's the remote control for everything and anything that's connected, wireless, integrated and essentially powered by your iPhone.

Rather than having an app for your oven, an app for your lights and an app for your bin (lets face it, it's coming), Nuimo controls all of them.

How? Integration. The humble Kickstarter project is already compatible with Nest, Soundcloud, Chrome, Sonos, Philips Hue, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix...the list goes on.

You interact with it using four main gestures: click, turn, swipe and fly. The best thing is that they're all completely customisable so for each app you can choose what actions it takes.

With 28 days to go the project has already made over €100,000 based on a piffling €55,000 target. So we know for a fact it's getting built.

So when can you buy this little wonder gadget? Well if it can live up to the promise then you'll be able to get one for around €200 in October 2015.

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