These Incredible City Maps Are Drawn Using The Best Photography Hotspots

These Incredible City Maps Are Drawn Using Photography Hotspots

These astonishing maps are the work of Oakland based artist and software developer Eric Fischer.

Using data, his love of art and design and a large number of 'Freedom of Information' requests, Fischer has been able to create an incredible gallery of maps that are drawn using nothing but the Geotagging data that's produced every time someone takes a photo.

That means every iPhone, SLR, tablet that has Geotagging enabled will appear on this map if that person then took a photo.

As you can expect, the maps show us a lot about not only the tourist hotspots but also the locations that we want to share the most.

Fischer's maps prove that it there's one thing we humans love, it's a photo of the water with almost all of the major photo hotspots being either by the river or next to the sea.

Washington DC

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