Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Sentenced To Death

Former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi has been sentenced to death in connection with a mass prison break in 2011.

Morsi, who led the Muslim Brotherhood, is already serving a 20-year jail term after he was convicted in relation to the killing of protestors in Cairo in 2012, according to Sky.

The case will now be referred to the Grand Mufti, the country’s top religious authority, before the punishment is carried out, along with 105 other Muslim Brotherhood members also handed the penalty.

Even with his approval, the convictions are still open to appeal, according to the BBC.

Al Jazeera said that many of those sentenced were tried in absentia.

Morsi was removed by the military in 2013 after becoming Egypt’s first freely elected leader in 2012.

His rise to power followed the ousting of Hosni Mubarak in the ‘Arab Spring’ of 2011.

But following attempts to grant himself wide-ranging powers, protests against him began to build.

After his deposition, the Muslim Brotherhood movement was banned and thousands arrests, according to the BBC.