James Corden And ‘Pitch Perfect 2' Star Anna Kendrick Challenge Each Other To A Riff-Off On ‘The Late Late Show' (VIDEO)

Watch Anna Kendrick Slay James Corden In 'Late Late Show' Riff-Off

Pitch Perfect 2’ star Anna Kendrick was never going to appear on James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ without challenging him to a riff-off and, as you can imagine, the result was pretty spectacular.


If you’re a fan of the ‘Pitch Perfect’ films (and rather a lot of you are judging by the amount of dosh the sequel took over the weekend), then you’ll know exactly what a riff-off is.

But for the uninitiated, a riff-off is like a dance-off, but instead of dancing it’s all about the vocals. Eight-part harmony vocals to be precise, all centred around a theme and sung off-the-cuff.

If you’re still confused then take a peek at the video (below) of Anna and James in action on the ‘Late Late Show’ as the pair throw down the gauntlet to each other, backed up by a cappella group The Filharmonic (see what they did there?)

‘Pitch Perfect 2’, which opened last weekend, has broken the record for the highest-opening musical ever, raking in $70.3m (£44.8m) at the US box office.

Compare that to the critically acclaimed ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, which took $44.4m (£28.3m) and cost five times as much to make, and you get the idea that there’s still plenty of appetite for feel-good musical movies in this post-'Glee' age.



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