Massive Boulder Spotted Perfectly Balancing On A Comet And No One Knows How

This Massive Rock Is Mysteriously Balancing On A Comet And No One Knows How

Despite disappearing from the limelight, Rosetta is still tracking comet 67P through the far reaches of space.

In fact the spacecraft has managed to capture a photo that's utterly confusing scientists and geologists alike.

A massive boulder has been spotted precariously balancing on the surface of the enormous comet. ESA scientists noticed the rock when they were analysing photos taken by the Rosetta's Osiris camera.

It appears as though the rock is around the size of a basketball court at over 30 metres across.

While most 'balancing rock' theories on Earth can be explained through glacier formations and wind, comet 67P has neither, prompting scientists to look elsewhere for the answer.

One theory could be that as the comet gets closer to the Sun the rock becomes eroded each time, with the cyclical movement causing the rocks to be formed in this way.

Another -- and altogether more boring -- theory is simply that the rock isn't balancing at all, instead it's simply a trick of the camera lens.


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