Geologists Use LAVA To Cook Steak Because BBQs Are Boring

Everyone loves a BBQ. With the Summer now reluctantly fighting its way through, the desire to get the coals hot and to start cooking is overwhelming.

Well geologists at the Syracuse University Lava Project have decided to do things a little differently. Instead of the normal coal or gas barbecue, the team have decided to use something altogether far more dangerous but far more exciting: Lava.

That's right, the team decided to pour a massive river of lava down a trough and then cook some frankly enormous steaks on them.

Why? Well while we'd like to say there's a genuinely scientific reason, the fact is they just love steak and happened to have an enormous vat of blisteringly hot lava nearby.

The aim of the project isn't just to cook steaks though, it's a collaboration between artist Bob Wysocki and the team to create experiments and pieces of art that'll bring into question our understanding of this normally terrifying substance.

While we absolutely can't recommend that you try and cook a steak in this way, we can recommend some of these safe (and hopefully just as fun) experiments to try out at home without the worry that you'll burn your steak and inevitably your house down while you're at it.

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