20/05/2015 06:28 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 13:59 BST

100 Years Of Beauty In 1 Minute: Philippines Video

How do you fit a century's worth of gorgeous Filipino style into a one-minute video?

The team over at Cut Video did just that with the latest installment of its 100 Years of Beauty series - starting six months ago with America and covering countries across the globe, from Iran to Korea.

Their latest video, featuring model April Villanueva (who is also a talented photographer), takes viewers on a journey through beauty trend evolutions in the Philippines.

Hairstylist Juel Bergholm and makeup artist Katya Gudaeva worked their magic to transform April into a woman from the 1920s woman (complete with tribal tattoos and shell headpiece)...


Then a 1930s beauty inspired by jazz music and silver screen stars...


Red lips and rosy cheeks came into fashion during the Second World War...


Imelda Marcos-inspired bouffants rocked the 1960s...


Before making way for 1970 hippie style...


Until we arrive at the glamorous look loved by women today...



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