Sophia Loren's Sexiest On-Screen Moments (VIDEO)


It’s been over 60 years since Sophia Loren first entered the limelight, and the screen siren still stuns us, both on and off-screen.

During her decades in the film industry, Sophia became one of the first real Hollywood icons, and to this day, very few stars have succeeded in rivaling her in the glamour stakes.

As well as looking fabulous, Sophia is known for her quick wit and one-liners - not many stars could successfully deliver the line, “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti”, after being complimented on their figure.

Today’s A-listers are currently in Cannes, where the annual film festival is taking place, so there’s no better time to pay tribute to one of the film industry's greatest stars - who’s still going strong today.

Check out Sophia’s sexiest on-screen moments above…


Sophia Loren - Fabulous At 80, As At Any Age

Sophia Loren

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