The 'Ecocapsule' Provides Luxury Accommodation In The Event Of An Apocalypse

Science has a knack for thinking of every eventuality, including where man could live in the event of an apocalypse.

A group of Slovakian architects have designed a giant egg-shaped pod that can be used as emergency housing in off-grid conditions.

The Ecocapsule which weighs 1500 kg, can house up to two adults and comes complete with running hot water, a flushing toilet, a bed, a kitchenette and a dining area -- small luxuries that we're sure we'll appreciate during apocalyptic times.

All amenities are powered by solar and wind energy, harnessed by the capsule's built-in solar cells and wind turbine. Should the apocalypse only have short bouts of sunshine and wind, a "high-capacity" battery will keep your power switched on.

Architects say the spherical shape of the capsule makes it optimum for collecting rainwater, which can be purified using built-in water filters.

Since the pod's designers are not entirely sure when the world will be ending, they've pitched their product as a multipurpose capsule that can be used as emergency housing, an independent research station and tourist lodging.

If you'd like to buy the pod for an off-grid winter getaway, you'll have to wait till the last quarter of the year when Ecocapsule's architects will start taking orders.

Shipping prices start at around €1500 but the price of the pod is still unknown and developers say that they won't be releasing customised versions of the Ecocapsule anytime soon.

You'll just have to make do with being the only person on holiday living out of a weird looking egg.

Tourists can use the Ecocapsule


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