This Is What Your Facebook Status Says About You

If you've ever spent any length of time on Facebook you'll know that statuses fall into different categories.

From the 'It has been 12 years today since...', to the 'I literally can't believe that just happened' there are plethora of classic Facebook statuses that'll get your blood boiling.

Well now science has stepped in to actually explain firstly why we get annoyed when we see them and, more importantly, explain why people are writing them in the first place.

Psychologists at Brunel University London collected a whole range of data from 555 Facebook users and analysed their behavioural traits with their activity on Facebook.

Well here are the results, and if we're honest, they might surprise you.

1. People with low esteem post more frequently about their romantic partners.

2. Narcissists almost always post their achievements in Facebook looking for validation. This validation is then confirmed by the fact that these people almost always have more people liking their posts.

3. Just because we're liking something, doesn't mean we actually like it. According to Psychology lecturer Dr Tara Marshall it could simply be that 'Facebook friends politely offer support while secretly disliking such egotistical displays.'

4. Narcissists are the group most likely to post sporting and gym-based achievements.

5. Conscientious users post a lot about their own children showing a more selfless approach to social media.

While some of these might seem obvious, the focus on narcissism has reportedly been an eye-opener for the team prompting further research.

Next up the team will be analysing specific status information about people who display narcissistic tendencies including the topics they cover and the kind of interactions that they get.