29/05/2015 12:00 BST | Updated 29/05/2015 12:59 BST

Oxford University's Debating Society Advertises 'Colonial Cocktail'

Oxford University's debating union has landed itself in hot water after advertising a cocktail called 'The Colonial Comeback', accompanied by a picture of shackled hands.

The Oxford Union's posters prompted cries of racism from students, and as a result the flyers were withdrawn from circulation.

Speaking to student paper Cherwell, Annie Teriba, founder of Oxford’s Black Students’ Union, said: "Apparently, it’s okay to kick back in the Union bar relishing in a ‘Colonial Comeback’ cocktail. I am horrified that the Union thinks it’s okay to trivialise centuries of oppression and racist violence in the form of a refreshing drink.

"For some students, including myself, colonialism is a hard pill to swallow, especially as its legacy continues to visit violence upon black bodies. I shall be expecting an apology and explanation from the President for allowing the bar of an institution I paid money to join to be decorated with colonial pornography."

A statement on the Union's Facebook page said: "The Oxford Union apologises for this evening’s debate cocktail. This was an error of judgement, and will not be repeated."

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