Sepp Blatter's Wikipedia Page Had A Bit Of A Re-Write Ahead Of Fifa Presidential Election

Someone Gave Sepp Blatter A New Job Title On Wikipedia

Sepp Blatter, the president of Fifa who refuses to step down despite the corruption scandal exploding around him, has been the victim of some creative editing on his Wikipedia page.

As people including David Cameron called for the Fifa president to stand down, others decided to voice their displeasure at his scandal-hit reign by altering Blatter's Wikipedia page, which usually describes him as a "football administrator".

But for several minutes, Blatter appeared to have changed roles, as the 79-year-old Swiss boss's job title appeared to be "mob administrator" and then "Swiss tosser".

Something's not quite right..

Wikipedia pages are constantly edited and monitored by the site's community, and the changes were removed within minutes.

They are likely to be the least of Blatter's worries after members of his senior team were arrested and calls grow for him to stand aside rather than attempt to win a fifth term leading the football body.

Five years ago, somebody quietly added the word "Bellend" to Blatter's middle names on Wikipedia. The government of South Africa picked it up and accidentally repeated the rude edit as Blatter's real name.

The page is back to normal


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