01/06/2015 07:24 BST | Updated 01/06/2015 07:59 BST

Sign Asked Mothers To 'Cover Up' When Breastfeeding, So That's Exactly What They Did

When a breastfeeding support group in America came across a sign saying they should "cover up" while feeding their babies, they reacted in the best way.

Breastfeeding Mama Talk took to Facebook to share a photo of the sign, which read: "If you need to breastfeed, please cover yourself" alongside a couple of photos of their members.

The mums took the photo literally, putting shirts and blankets over their heads while their babies were being fed.

Thought I would do something different and fun with this!! I have this picture in the comments except it's without the...

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Sunday, 3 May 2015

A member of the support group wrote: "We wanted to do something different and fun with this", and asked their followers to start the hashtag #ThisIsHowWeCoverBFMT.

Many came forward with their own photos showing them finding inventive ways to "cover themselves".

A wellbeing site, The Pregnancy Corner, also joined in and uploaded their own version asking fans to help it go viral.

FAN QUESTIONCan we make this go viral! This is awesome. Lol (

Posted by Pregnancy Corner on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The post received more than a million likes, 385,000 shares and thousands of comments of support.

One woman said: "What is so wrong about it? When YOU See girls half naked on the street with their boobs and butt out twerking, people cheer. But when a mother is feeding her hungry child it is a bad thing."

This isn't the first time breastfeeding mothers have spoken up after being asked to the "cover up". One woman was told to do the exact same on a flight earlier this year.

Gemma Leung was preparing to breastfeed her eight-month-old daughter Ruby-Bow on an EasyJet flight when a male flight attendant reportedly asked her to "put a blanket over [her] baby" because it "might offend other passengers."

Leung said she "couldn't speak" because she was so angry.


Breastfeeding Mother Claims Cabin Crew Told Her To Cover Up On EasyJet Flight

Man Who Complained About Breastfeeding Mother Gets Thrown Out Of Cafe

Confrontation over breastfeeding in public frequently comes up in the news, including a recent incident in which a man in a cafe told a woman to stop breastfeeding, before receiving his comeuppance.

Increasingly mums are asking when will breastfeeding become something that people don't feel the need to talk about all the time?

One HuffPost UK blogger, Jo Eden, said people need to stop making a fuss over breastfeeding: "Nobody needs to normalise a normal thing. We need to stop making such a fuss over normal things. Stop abusing people on Facebook. Stop causing a scene in public."

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