What Smartphones Have Done To Photography In One Beautifully Simple Image

The rise of the smartphone camera has been somewhat unavoidable. In the same way that we used to carefully curate our Mini Disc playlists, the smartphone has taken the physical photo album and gently pushed it into the swirling sinkhole of time.

We don't curate our Mini Disc playlists anymore and we'll bet anything that the last time you held a physical photo was when your Mum decided it was time to get 'those' photos out of you running around the garden wearing nothing but a bow and arrow.

Trying to understand what this all means for us now can be remarkably difficult, with so many technologies aiming to increase our consumption it's hard to put it all into perspective.

Well thankfully Kind of Normal can, and has. It's a simple truth that we can all relate to and one that hopefully might force you to go out and actually get some pictures developed. Go on, you won't regret it.