'Big Brother' Eviction: Eileen Daly Says She Wants Simon Gross To 'Struggle' For Nominating Her (PICS)

'BB' Evictee Eileen Dishes On The Rest Of The Housemates

We might only be three weeks into the series, but Eileen Daly has become the seventh person to be evicted from ‘Big Brother’ house.


The B-movie director lost out in the public vote to Joel Williams, and was evicted to the sound of the Dexy’s Midnight Runners hit, ‘Come On Eileen’ (which we’re sure she was just thrilled about, having not had that song sung at her every day since 1982).

Eileen admitted, after being cheered on her exit, that she felt “elevated” to be leaving the house, claiming: “I really did miss [my partner], Bo.”

Eileen Daly

Over her time in the house, Eileen had been nominated in every eviction due to her age, which she admits she did get sick of in the end.

She told presenter Emma Willis: “Facing eviction every week has been quite difficult... you pack, and that's okay, but it's like Stockholm syndrome.

“I actually thought we'd have a mixed jamboree bag of all ages in there though... it was an easy excuse for them to use: 'Oh, let’s get grandma out'.”

Earlier this week, Eileen was shocked to have been put up for eviction by returning housemate, Simon Gross, who she had thought was her close friend until that moment.

“Simon got taken away from us on the first night,” she explains, “And Nick and I were begging for Simon to come back. Then he came back and within 24 hours he nominated me.

It was a little bit of a let down. I felt betrayed, I was so cross!

“I think Simon has just shot himself in the foot though and now I want him to struggle in there.”

Emma Willis also revealed plans for the launch of the ‘Time Warp’ twist that will rock the housemates next weekend, confirming that it will see the return of some old faces, as well as a fake eviction.

See the group’s reaction to Eileen’s departure in Saturday night’s ‘Big Brother’, airing on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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