Russian UFO Seen 'Imitating' The Moon Has To Be A Cleverly Produced Fake

UFOs are by their very nature hard to prove. It's part of the reason we love seeing them and it's also part of the reason that people love to fake them.

This UFO video from Russia is a perfect example of this. Caught by a group of teenagers it seemingly shows an object that looks an awful lot like the Moon.

Now according to sites like UFOSightingsDaily this is without doubt an alien spacecraft that has learnt how to camouflage itself as the Moon.

Except this is where we start to take issue with the video: If it's imitating the Moon why's it doing such a terrible job?

Last time we checked, the Moon was in a slow moving orbit around the Earth, not flying all over the Russian sky like a balloon that's just found itself full of holes.

Irregardless that hasn't stopped the conspiracy theorists from jumping on the video as being proof that we're being spied on.

Finally, and most damming of all, is the fact that this YouTube user 'BODRO VESELO' seems to be incredibly fortunate at finding these occurrences because he's also uploaded what appears to be dashcam footage of a 'ghost' while his car sits by the side of the road. Sure.

So there you have it, it's clever, there's no denying it, but in this instance we're calling it: fake. If it isn't, then aliens have an awful lot of practising to do.

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