It's #WorldOceansDay: Here's How Technology Is Changing Things For Our Waters

Today is officially World Oceans Day - a day set aside by the UN to 'appreciate, protect and restore our oceans and their resources.'

As people around the world campaign about the dire state of the world's oceans , UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement:

"Oceans absorb a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions and are becoming more acidic as a result. Ocean ecosystems are degrading. Corals, which sustain so much of marine life, are vulnerable to bleaching and even death caused by warmer temperatures.

"...This year, governments are seeking to adopt landmark agreements on climate change and ending poverty. Success will demand that they look at the essential role of world’s oceans."

The tech sector has always had a plethora of solutions to help make the oceans and its ecosystems more sustainable.

From underwater kites and cities to artificial giant reefs, here is a quick snapshot of how the world of tech has tried to change the way we engage with the deep blue.

Underwater Kite Power Generators

World Oceans Day 2015

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