John Cleese Continues Piers Morgan Feud, Branding Him A ‘Third Rater'

John Cleese Savages Piers Morgan As Bitter Feud Rumbles On

John Cleese has continued his feud with Piers Morgan, branding the former ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge a "a real third-rater".


The pair recently became embroiled in a Twitter spat when Piers claimed that the ‘Fawlty Towers’ star had ignored him when they both happened to be dining at the same restaurant.

Despite the former tabloid editor apologising to John, he has now dished out more harsh words as he spoke about the spat during an interview on Radio 5 Live on 9 June.

John Cleese and Piers Morgan

Speaking to Sam Walker about the tabloid press, the ‘Monty Pyton’ actor said: "Well as you know the papers, the whole time write rude things about everybody. I don't take it personally, I mean it's just a fact of life that people like to read, what can I say, sniping kind of journalism and this fellow, I've actually genuinely gone blank, what is his name...?"

When the DJ reminded John, he exclaimed: "MORGAN! Piers Morgan, he wrote a piece in the Mail on Sunday and he called me a 'something old fool' or something and so I had a go back at him, because I've always thought he was a real third-rater, one of those chancers.

"You know, they become successful and you don't really know what talent they've got, because he wrote about me, you know, 'You haven't been funny for a long time, Cleese', or something like that and I wrote back and said, 'Well you haven't been talented for a lifetime'.”

He continued: "And it was nice to have that little bit of fencing like that and then I thought well we've done enough of this and I made a joke about I couldn't go on with it because of the police investigations, they'd asked me not to continue about it and now I think it's just a little matter of an entertainment, but I rather enjoy it."

Piers later took to Twitter to respond to John's latest comments writing: "Raise your game Cleese, the 'Big M, small organ' gag has been part of @officialroycey's #LifeStories warm-up routine for years."

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