#AppleWatchPoolPrank: Insanely Cool But Very Cruel

The #AppleWatchPoolPrank is the result of a guy's (understandably) precious attitude to his new Apple Watch.

YouTuber Troye Sivan, who has over 3 million subscribers, joined forces with his mum to trick his little brother who had been 'obsessively waiting' for the arrival of his new watch.

Clearly wanting to take advantage of his sibling's vulnerability, Sivan waited for the box to arrive and replaced the expensive watch with fruit -- throwing a few real apples in for good measure.

As Sivan sees his little brother bound up the stairs to open the cardboard box, which he thinks contains the watch, Sivan makes a run for the pacakge, grabs it and 'accidentally' drops into their pool.

Given that the watch can cost anything from £299 to £13,500, what ensues is pure comedy.


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