Apple Watch Worth $10,000 Smashed To Pieces By Magnets


Wanna see $10,000 go up in smoke?

A gold Apple Watch's fate is decided when placed between two crunch-hungry magnets.

To revel in the destruction jump to 1:35 and make your own decision as to whether you're laughing or crying when the product meets its expensive end.

Vlogger and king of destruction 'TechRax' uses magnets to destroy an Apple watch

The aim of this 'destruction test' remains unclear, although one thing we can take away from the experience is the deeply gratifying sound when the watch meets its crunch-time.

The test was set up by using 650lbs of Neodymium magnetic force in two blocks between the 38mm 18k yellow gold Apple Watch.

Unsurprisingly the watch is quickly wrecked by the sheer strength of the pull, snapping under the weight of the force.

When the product is removed from the clasp, its screen is smashed and separated from its body, leaving us pretty certain the boffins on Apple's Genius Bar would be powerless to save it.

The Apple Watch is crushed, powerless to the magnetic force

The truly remarkable thing is that the product, despite the damage and smashed screen, can still be heard making a noise when powered on after the test.

This is not the first time that vlogger 'TechRax' has taken vengeance out on Apple products.

His previous acts have included submerging an iPhone 6 in a lava lamp and running over an iPhone5s with an actual train.

It's not known why the YouTuber spends his time demolishing technology... but there's something strangely satisfying about this wanton destruction.

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