08/06/2015 13:24 BST | Updated 08/06/2015 13:59 BST

Apple Beats Streaming Service, Apple Pay UK, Watch OS 2.0 And Apple TV Expected At WWDC 2015

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC 2015 is the single event from where Apple announces some of its largest products.

The focus this year will firmly be placed on Apple's much-rumoured Beats streaming service as well as the expansion of Apple Pay to the rest of the world.

After acquiring Beats for a cool $3bn, Apple remained remarkably quiet about what it was going to do with its new acquisition.

Of course on top of the headphone business Apple had also acquired a Spotify-rival in the form of Beats Music. Offering an artist-led curated streaming service, Beats Music had a small but dedicated following and many believe that Apple has been working all year to integrate it into the Music app on iOS and OS X.

Aside from music, improvement is going to be the big focus here. Rather than unveiling new products, Apple is expected to focus on refining current ones making them faster, more efficient and more powerful.

Well we're just hours away from the announcement, here are our predictions for WWDC 2015:

Apple Beats Music

This is the easiest one to identify as it's the most expensive purchase that Apple has so far announced nothing on. With a $3bn purchase burning a hole in their pocket Apple will be keen to turn Beats Music into an integrated part of the Music offering on iPhone and Mac.

While leaks of iOS 8.4 actually show little to no sign of Beats Music, it seems likely that Apple will make some announcement - whether it's a statement of intent or a simple demonstration ahead of a launch later this year.

Apple Pay UK Release Date

This again seems likely. Apple has spent the last year testing out Apple Pay in the security-minefield that is the US financial sector.

While US banks were found to be lacking in security compared to Apple's own system the UK is far more prepared for contactless payments with adoption rates being higher along with far tighter security measures when it comes to mobile banking etc.

With Apple Watch now more widely available in the world as well it seems as though Apple will have more than enough compatible hardware in place to make it work.

Apple Watch OS 2.0

This is a long shot for a number of reasons. The first is that Apple has only just unveiled its first Apple Watch update which brought with it minor performance improvements to Siri and the operating system.

That said, Apple is nothing if not a creature of habit and if there's one place that the company would announce a new software update it'll be WWDC.

What can we expect? Well if Apple were to make the announcement you could expect new watch faces, increased performance of multi-tasking and even some updates towards personalisation of the watch software itself.

It could also open up the heart-rate monitoring to third-party apps like Nike+ Running and others, of course this is complete speculation.


Apple iOS 9

We know that Apple will unveil its latest update for iPhone, iPad and iPod at WWDC but what we don't know is the precise nature of the new features.

The new music app for iOS was leaked a few months ago along with some other developer previews and showed off a new interface that places the focus heavily on artwork, playlists and queuing.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Spotify, Tidal and others the Music App looks to be a major overhaul of Apple's music app which has remained largely unchanged since iOS first arrived for the original iPhone.